Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Life Drawing: 18/03/2015

Following on from last week's, almost, fully self directed lesson, this session was also a bit more free, as we could either work on the big sheets or continue making post cards. I chose to go back to working on the big sheets throughout this session. We began with 4x 5 minute poses. I had a few proportion issues here and there, and some of the positions of the arms/legs were made up, slightly, as I couldn't see too well from the position I had at first. 

We the did some 3 minute, 2 minute and 1 minute poses. The first one I did went wrong completely and so I drew over some of the wrong areas and made it look like shading (Top right). I do quite like the composition of this page, as it is all over the place, which I think works well. I could imagine if I were to continue working on that page, a strange pattern might be created.

We then did a 20 minute pose. As I really liked how it was going I spent more time on it and so I probably spent around 30 minutes on it. At first, I wanted to do a very detailed line drawing, which I think I did to some extent, but as I did it very quickly and began to think that too much detail would look strange, I instead chose to add colour. I didn't chose any abstract colours and chose the closet coloured pens to the real thing. I tried to experiment with how I used the pens and it has mixed results. I really like the colour style on the model as it is very abstract and, almost, "trippy" looking. The colour of the sheets do not have a unique style as I didn't manage to work into enough before we had to clear up, and so it looks a little rushed and takes something away from the model.

4x 5 minute poses

3 minute, 2 minute & 1 minute poses

30 minute pose

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