Monday, 23 March 2015

Photoshop Session: 23/03/2015

In today's photoshop session, we drew our self portraits. I'm not a fan of drawing my face anyway as I can never get the proportions right, and so it was lot harder for me as we had to do it on photoshop, as I would, ideally, draw it on paper first, if we were allowed to. 

I got really frustrated at first as they always went wrong, no matter how I'd try to do them. After Jordan showed me a brush that I could use, I just got on with it and didn't try to care much about the results. I did three quick studies before moving onto one final/longer drawing. I'm happy Jordan showed me that brush and gave me a bit of a push to get on with it, as I was really finding it difficult. 

Although, I don't think any of them look like me, they do have some similarities. In the bigger drawing, I think the hair looks ok and the nose, maybe too. I think I showed the tone well as there are a lot of dark and light patches in the drawing.

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