Monday, 2 March 2015

Photoshop Session: 02/03/2015 (Still Life)

In today's session with Jordan we stepped way from working with photoshop, and instead drew still life in our sketchbooks. We were asked to do a series of thumbnails, but in different ways, drawing with our opposite hand for example. We then had to do 3x final drawings, I believe.

While doing these drawings I was happy with how they were going, but now I don't think they look too good, or not as good as I remember. I didn't spend too much time on each thumbnail and they aren't the most photogenic images in the world, but this session has taught me about further ways as to how to do thumbnails. 

I only managed to do 2 final drawings, the first being done in the same way as one of the alternative aspects drawings, and the other being in charcoal, an alternative medium. I do like the first one as it is nice and smooth. It has a clean composition that works well with the ratio of the page/box that it was drawn in. Unfortunately, the charcoal drawing has smudged somewhat and doesn't look as good before hand. However, from memory, I was happy with the tones that I managed to create and it had a unique effect.

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