Friday, 6 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage: OGR - 5th March 2015

Apologies for the slightly late upload.

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  1. OGR 06/03/2015

    Hi Dan,

    I like the idea of you using the boy scout character to play the guide to the life-cycle and I like the sweet bit of business about him earning his 'nature' badge. I've two concerns - the first is in regard to your production strategy; you suggest that the cub scout character would be 2d animation, and the slime mold lifecycle would be cgi : this is certainly sensible, but you'll need to ensure of your animation strategy for the character - i.e. how simple or complex it's going to be. 2D animation is as time consuming as 3D, and comping everything together is also going to be new territory for you, so I suggest you start work now on figuring out exactly how you intend to animate the 2D elements. The second concern is one of style, as I think - to bring these two worlds together, you're going to need a very strong, distinctive style, and in terms of your creative development, I'd like to see you spread your wings a bit; there's a nostalgic 'golden age' vibe about the idea of scouts, so I wonder if looking at some more vintage/retro elements might be useful and inspiring - flat colour, strong line-art etc. I'm looking at your thumbnails, and already everything looks a bit too generic - I think if you're going to mix your media, you should consider a bolder, more stylised universe:

    and in terms of the life-cycle itself, if you've established a strong, bold, simplified art style for the 2D world, then matching the cgi with it gets easier - for instance, look at these examples of 50s prints for organic + colour + line art:

    My broad suggestion is that you can stylise your visual concept much more broadly, particularly in terms of the relationship between your 2D world and the CGI components. I also think there's something 'retro' about the whole idea of scouts and badges etc. and I think you can use that to your advantage,