Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Life Drawing: 11/03/2015

Today's life drawing session was different than usual as most of the session was spent making post cards for the "Postnude" exhibit. We did, however, begin with 4x 5 minute drawings as a way to warm up. I kept it simple as I wanted to use my line drawings in the postcards and so no experimentation was required. They are all reasonably well proportioned although there are some odd parts here and there, and I didn't plan out the page layout too well. 

We then got going on our postcards. There wasn't a set length of time that we had to complete them in so that meant we could do how many we wanted, as long as we only submit a maximum of 5 for the exhibit. I am very happy with all 5 of my drawings as they are all well proportioned and detailed. I introduced more tones by using dots for the first, and I really like the effect that it has made. It really shows the light and dark places on the model. For the second, I went back to using the type of shading with a pen that I used in the past. I do quite like this one, although I don't think it's as effective as the dots. I, therefore, used dots for tone on the rest of the drawings. I wanted to make the last one different as it looked the same as the previous one, so I added some red in it.I think it works quite well, although it does look like the model has some serious skin condition.

4x 5 minute poses

1st Postcard

2nd Postcard

3rd Postcard

4th Postcard

5th Postcard

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