Friday, 30 January 2015

CG Artist's Toolkit - Flash Animation

Today in our Artist's toolkit session with Meg, we began by doing a random animation based on anything. I did a dancing man, who got hit by a car. His blood pours onto the road and then a man runs up to his body, and points and laughs. Considering it was only done within 20 minutes, or so, I quite like this, as it is very consistent and everything stays the same size, except for when the body is on the floor. 

We were then asked to an animation of a line that has a character. I chose a brush that would create a strip of silk look, and I made it have a very curious character. I showed the curiosity by having it whiz around the screen and by having it stop and look round a couple of times. I didn't add much of an entrance, but apart from that I think the character appears very curious.

Quick Flash Animation

"Line" Animation

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