Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Life Drawing - 21/01/2015

In today's life drawing session, we were drawing another model, and we were back to drawing men. after being happy with my previous drawings where we were drawing a women, I was eager to see how/if my skills have changed when drawing men.. 

We started with 3x 10 minute poses. I drew them all in pencil quite lightly, at first, before going over the rough outline/detail with a softer pencil. For the first one, I finished it reasonably quickly and so added a little bit of tone. Unfortunately, we had to move on before I was fully able to add all the tone I wanted. However, I am very happy with this drawing as it is well proportioned. Maybe if I'm really harsh on myself, the legs are a little longer than they should be, but I don't think that's a major problem. I did manage to complete the second pose with some time to spare, but I instead chose to try and fix the left leg, which I wasn't able to do. The left foot should be higher than the right, but I wasn't able to do it without making the leg look too short. Despite that, I am quite pleased with it as it is quite accurate, and the legs aren't too long. The third pose came out a little strange as the edges are a bit too straight, as they needed to be a little more curved. 

We then did a 30 minute pose, which as I have previously said, I enjoy doing. I used the technique that I have become comfortable with, which is drawing everything roughly in pencil, before going over everything in a lot more detail with pen. I am very happy with the style that I have adopted. I have always liked doing line drawings with pen, so I'm glad that I can incorporate that into life drawing. I am very happy with this drawing, as all the proportions are corrected and it shows where the body is applying pressure. I like how I don't add much detail and that I leave it to look quite simple/clean.

The model then moved into a more challenging pose. We had to really focus on the fore-shortening and change in proportions. It took me a while to get going, as I couldn't get the foot and the legs correctly in relation to the body. I perhaps didn't see as much of the torso, that I have shown in the drawing, but that was the only way I could get it to work. As you can see it is in the same line drawing style, and I am very pleased with this, also. It was a challenging pose, and I am pleased with the result.

We then ended the day with a sitting down pose. I can't quite remember how long the drawing was meant to be, but I managed to complete mine, in 15 minutes. There isn't much detail, as most of the time was spent getting the legs accurate, which I think are done well. 

3x 10 minute poses

30 minute pose

20 minute pose

15 minute pose

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  1. Really like the 3rd drawing from the top, Dan :)