Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Life Drawing - 07/01/2015

Today we had our first life drawing session of the year, but with a new model. We pretty much did the same exercises that we did in the previous term. However, I think the poses were a little more complex. With the model being more defined, it made different shapes where he was holding or leaning on a broom.

At first, I started off a little dodgey with a massive head, but I think the body looks fine and the second drawing is ok, just unfinished (2x 10 minute drawings).

We then did some 5 minute and 2 minute drawings, and the compositon of the page looks very organised and looks like something you'd so on an ancient shrine. I really like that page as all the drawings are reasonably well proportioned, especially the three at the top of the page.

We then had to speed up and do 5x 1 minute drawings and these didn't start off too well. From my position, the pose was quite complicated as it was all about perspectives and foreshortening, and that is something I find difficult anyway. The first isn't on the page because it wasn't working well, so I rubbed it out and as soon as I was about to restart we moved onto the next pose, a silly mistake really. The other drawings, though, do have good shapes and are well proportioned. I especially like the one in the bottom left because it is at a good size and accurate.

It was then time to do a long pose, which I prefer. I tried to do the proper measuring technique using the size of the head and the end of the pencil, but it has gone wrong slightly because the body and legs look a bit too long. However, I like this drawing because it is well detailed and shows a lot of tone.

The final exercise was to do 2x 10 minute drawings. I was bored of charcoal, and so decided to use pencil, I quite liked using the pencil because it is easier to do the lines that you want, where as charcoal may crumble into a new position and create a wobbly line when you want to draw a straight one. These two drawings are pretty accurate apart from in the first one I had a few issues with the shoulder, but I think the second one doesn't have any clear problem.

 2x 10 minute poses

5 minute and 2 minute poses

4x 1 minute poses

1x 30 minute pose

 1st 10 minute pose

2nd 10 minute pose

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