Monday, 26 January 2015

From Script to Screen: "Freshly grown" Idea

I have been considering the idea that Phil mentioned on my previous "Idea" post and have considered how it can have a different feel to my initial idea.

Our main character is a strange, little man who is obsessed with vegetable growing. He enters a host of competitions for growing the largest vegetables, and he always wins. He lives for these competitions, and that is clear from the series of medals he has, that are always attached to his blazer. He makes no attempt to hide his passion and would gloat in front of others, by showing pictures of him and his vegetables. He would take his treasures with him as if they were dates. He'd take pictures with them, go shopping with them....He is crazy about them. Another competition is set to be held in his home village, but is up against some fierce competition. How far would he go to ensure victory?

I think the biggest challenge with this is the photo booth, so that is something I'll need to consider.

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