Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Life Drawing - 14/01/2015

Today was our first life drawing session where we had to draw a woman, and I found it easier to get the proportions correct, or almost correct, compared to drawing a man. I think the reason for this is because men have a rougher outline and have more wear to their skin, where as women tend to be smoother and more curved, if that's the right word. 

We started off with 4x 10 minute poses, and I think I started off by making the first drawing have long legs, but I manage to make them more accurate in the following 3. The 3 drawing is it a bit too straight on the edges and looks like it was drawn using a ruler. 

We were then asked to do a 30 minute pose. I started off by roughly drawing out the proportions and rough outline, using a pencil, then I used my trusty pen to draw it properly using the rough drawing I did with the pencil. We were asked to incorporate some colour, so I chose blue....because I like blue. I used a light blue and dark blue piece of chalk, the dark blue was used to show tone and the light tone was to build on the dark blue. I then used a white piece of chalk to increase the amount of light being shown on the figure. I then used black chalk to really show the darkest areas. I am really pleased with this as it uses the light well, and the chalk was easy to use and show tone. 

We then ended the day with a 15 minute pose. I did the exact same technique as the 30 minute pose, but as it was a shorter length of time, I didn't add colour. I really like this as it reminds me of colouring books, as all the line are smooth and crisp. The figure is well proportioned and there isn't any glaring issue with it.

I believe there was significant improvement in my life drawing this week, although it seemed like everyone's work has improved.

 4x 10 minute poses

 30 minute pose

 15 minute pose

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