Thursday, 29 January 2015

From Script to Screen: Idea development - Including the Photo-booth

As I mentioned in my previous post, the photo booth is looking to be the biggest challenge with my "vegetable growing, serial killer" story. I have therefore thought of how to incorporate it into the story. So below, is an idea of how it can be used:

The first scene shows a young boy and his father walking together, laughing and smiling to each other. They are holding and swinging their hands. We see close shots of the boy smiling and looking at his father. The scene ends showing a shot of them, walking into a photo booth.

Then in scene 3, we would be 25 years in the future, and we are now looking at the young boy, who has obviously grown up. I haven't quite figured out what scene 2 would be like, or the rest of scene 3, but in this scene, we would finally see the photos that were about to be taken at the end of scene 1. These photos would show 4 images, the first being a simple photo of the two smiling. The second showing the dad looking suspicious at the curtain, while the boy continues to smile. The third showing a man bursting through the curtains and attacking the dad, as the young boy is screaming. The fourth shows the father with a large cut to his neck, while the boy is crying.


  1. okay... so now we're back to the vanishing wheelbarrow; you're using the photos here in an interesting way - it's given you a reveal, but not yet a story...

  2. Hi Phil.
    I have thought about the use of the wheelbarrow and it will be in scene 2 and scene 3. I just haven't discussed it in this post, as this was purely about my ideas about how to incorporate the photo-booth.