Friday, 30 January 2015

Life Drawing - 28/01/2015

In Wednesday's life drawing session, we were working with the same model we had a couple of weeks ago, which was then I began to see more of a development in my work/style.

We started with 5x 3/4 minute poses. They were rather complex poses and some were fairly challenging, especially the one where the model was bending over. It isn't the best photo as I took it in the session and it wasn't able to see if I got all the picture in, which as you can see I didn't. I will try to get the another photo posted, but my life drawings from that day are at my nan's, at the moment. Anyway, I am quite happy with these as they are accurate and don't have any glaring issues with them.

We then did 2x 20 minute poses, and were asked to include colour. I started by using the same drawing style that I have come used to, and then I tried to experiment with felt tip pens. They weren't the best pens, in truth, and I didn't quite get the effect I wanted. I want to use two different colours that would represent light and dark. I'm not too happy about these, as they almost look like they were coloured in by 5 year old children. Despite that, I do think the one on the right uses the dark tones well.

We then finished with a 40 minute pose. I used my same style, but tried to use the extended time to add more detail. I am very happy with this as it is accurate, and has a the "clean" look that I have come to use. Perhaps in the next session, I could see what more I could do with that style.

40x minute pose

 2x 20 minute poses

5x 3/4 minute poses

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