Friday, 23 January 2015

From Script to Screen: New Idea

As my first idea, that I continued to work on, wasn't working very well and had several issues, with regards to the back story, use of the 3 components and the relationships between the characters, I understand that the best option is to move onto a new idea. 

I have been thinking about a different approach and have come up with another idea. (I haven't thought about it too much, just about what one of the scenes may be)

Idea 1: In a gardening shop, there is one last wheelbarrow. A woman is looking at it and considering buying it, a man comes over, politely talks to her, helps her pick it up and move it to the check out. We then see the woman pushing the wheelbarrow outside, and then suddenly someone grabs her and pulls her into a photo-booth. The camera focuses on the booths curtains shaking, then they stop. A man then walks out and then the camera moves to the floor and we see blood pouring out of the booth and underneath the wheelbarrow. 

Hopefully, I can think of more ideas, that have a much easier to understand story behind them.

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  1. A couple of ideas in passing;

    I was thinking again about the idea of amateur detectives - i.e. a non detective character solving a crime. I was thinking too about wheelbarrows and it made me think of competitions like these:

    and I was thinking if someone was especially proud of their giant vegetables, they might want their photographs taken with it:

    I'm wondering if, in the highly competitive world of giant veg growing, some crime might be committed, requiring a spot of amateur detective work from one of the competitors - think Agatha Christie meets Great British Bake Off meets Midsomer Murders...