Friday, 30 January 2015

From Script to Screen: Character Design Workshop - Lesson 3

In our third Character design workshop session, we switched our focus onto environments. After learning about environment design, we were asked to design an environment. We were giving an example, I was given "Santa's Workshop", and we had to re-design it that relate to the genre that we were given , I got "Sci-fi". At first, I imagined robots and how the elves were replaced by robots. My first idea was too cliched and too original. It didn't have enough sci-fi elements to it. As you can see from the first imagine, it is a classic perception of what Santa's workshop would look like, so because of this, it wasn't Sci-fi enough, and didn't live in a different world. 

I decided to try again, and so I made it show the exterior of the workshop. It is a lot more industrial, but some of the buildings are shaped like presents. The idea was that due to the ever increasing population the methods of making and sending presents had to evolve, and so it was brought into the industrial world. The workshop is still in a snowy environment, that is guarded by a large Robot Santa statue. This is a better attempt at combining my two components as it shows what the future of Santa's workshop may become.

1st Attempt

2nd Attempt

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