Friday, 30 January 2015

From Script to Screen: Idea development

After talking to Phil, I have now changed my story, somewhat. The new story will be a bit more comedic and less serious, than my previous ideas.

Scene 1: The scene begins with a montage of newspapers. The first reads "The Vegetable Man- Simon Frost wins his fifth consecutive win at the latest National Vegetable Society Competition." with the paper showing a photo of him with his vegetable in a wheelbarrow and the one of the judges. Another newspaper, flies onto the screen and reads "What is his Secret?", which has a similar photo but from a different event. The camera then shows a lamp post, which has a "Man- Missing" poster on it, that is by a small allotment. A police man comes onto screen, looks at the lamp post, and decides to ask a man, who is carrying vegetables round with his wheelbarrow around. The man with the wheelbarrow seems concerned and invites the police man into his small shack, for some tea, which he accepts. The scene ends with the door closing on the camera.

Scene 2: The scene begins by showing a small, old woman walking along the path. She stops and looks at the allotment and notices the lack of people around. She goes to the shack, knocks on the door and the man opens the door, and invites her in. We then see the woman looking at the host of trophies on the mantel piece. The man then asks if she'd like to look at his photo album. She does. He then asks if she'd like some tea. He goes into the kitchen and makes tea, as she is looking through his photo album. She flicks through a host of newspaper snips, and some of his own photos of him and his vegetables. We see a shot of the woman's face as it goes from happy and curious, to worried and suspicious. The camera then focuses on a newspaper snip and then switches to a photo. She looks at another newspaper snip and then another photo, and becomes worried by certain similarities by the judge that the man is with and his next vegetable. The camera then focuses on the man in the kitchen, and it appear that he's putting something in her tea. She continues to look round the room, and sees a collection of books that are related to vegetable growing, and using blood and bone meal for growing vegetables. She then looks back at the photos, as the man walks in. She closes the album, and smiles at the man. The man then realises that he forgot to bring in the sugar. The woman then switches the cups. The man comes in, and we see a shot over the man's shoulder as he drinks his tea and the woman smiles, worryingly.

Scene 3: Scene 3 begins at a vegetable growing event, and we see a man handing over the winning trophy to the woman from scene 3. The judge congratulates her and asks how she grew the vegetable to be so big and she replies by saying " Oh, that's my secret". The camera then pans down to the wheelbarrow and shows a vegetable that looks suspiciously like the man, as the vegetable has a similar scar on it that the man had above his eye.

This is a very unique idea and is very silly, which is something that I like. It will be a very individual idea, and I intend to add a bit more humor, but still have a touch of horror to it.

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