Friday, 30 January 2015

From Script to Screen: Character Design Workshop - Lesson 4

In our final Character design workshop session, we were focusing on story boards. We were given a character type, I was given "Pirates", and an action or event that would happen in the scene, I got a "fight". Those two components wouldn't seem out of place in films, and make sense, so I was quite lucky in that regard. Firstly though, we had to design some characters. I wasn't having one of my best days, in truth, and so it took me a while to get my drawings done, as every design I tried went wrong. Because of that I drew a Pirate tattoo, which allowed me to get back on track, somewhat. I did continue to struggle with designing the characters though, so drew two incredibly small pirates, a Captain and a lower member of the crew. I also drew another pirate cartoon, for some reason. Anyway, my idea for the scene was the pirate confronts his Captain as there is a mutiny and so challenges him to a fight. The scene begins with an exterior shot of the ship, which is sat near an Island. The camera then zooms into the ship. We then see the crew circled round the pirate and the captain. The camera moves round the circle The camera then switches between shots over the Captain's shoulder and the pirate's shoulder as they stare and argue. My storyboard below is obviously not in the same level of detail as the like for like ones I did, but they do have the more original story board feel to them, which is a good thing.

Pirate Tattoo Design

Character Design Page


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