Monday, 19 January 2015

Soundscape - Initial Ideas

I know this is quite a late post, but these are my initial thoughts about the pictures and what sounds I imagine:

 This picture is very blocky and organised, so a constant drum-type beat would make sense. The picture does have a section that looks like it's collapsing, so the beat could get faster and the overall sound may sound more and more tense as it progresses. The pitch would remain constant, and with the lack of light, would be quite low and dark.
 The very sharp, splinter like objects create the impression of high pitched short noises, almost like ticking, but very short sounds. The picture is very messy, so the sounds would be very confusing and abstract. The bright colours, however, do make the "splinters" seem quite joyful and vibrant, so maybe, although, the sounds maybe abstract, they could also be quite fun and enjoyable.
This picture looks like bacteria, but it has a soft, almost cuddly look, that may make very gentle and easy on the ear sounds. The sounds of the worm like objects creeping over the green sphere, would sound like rubbing furry objects together. As the "worms" continue to cover the sphere, we'd see less and less of it, so maybe the sounds could get faster and create a feeling of tension, as it progresses.

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