Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Initial Ideas

After today's brief and watching the Bio-scientific scenarios, I have come up with a couple of ideas for the animation:

It begins with a POV shot of a mosquito in a LEDC in Africa. We see an establishing shot of said area, before the mosquito lies through a window. We see a young boy asleep, as the mosquito lands on his arm, where it then begins to bite him. The camera shows the sporozites enter the boy's blood stream. The camera then follows the sporozites as it carries out the life cycle. Eventually, we see the gametocytes leave the boy as another mosquito is biting the boy. We see how the cycle has affected the boy's health, as the other mosquito flies away.

This is quite a depressing idea, as wee how the boy has becoming severely unwell. This idea is obviously not suitable for younger generations, and would be more suitable for teenagers.

I've not thought of this idea in the same way as the Malaria idea, but it would be for young children. A friendly, happy bacteria comes onto screen. He has a happy/funny voice, introduces himself before a nasty, evil looking hook worm comes into the picture. The bacteria warns us about it and then the worm replies with a snake-like voice. The worm leaves. The bacteria then describes the life cycle. By the end of the cycle, we see the same hook worm come into the picture and asks what he was talking about. The bacteria acts confused. The worm looks suspicious. The camera then shows the bacteria winking at us.

This is quite a nice setup, although hook worms and their cycle are quite scary and so maybe a bit terrifying for the children.

Slime Mold:
A young boy scout is on his bike in a forest. He stops and looks at all his badges, he opens a book and we see that the only badge he has left to get is the Nature badge. He closes the book, looks round and goes to a tree, where he notices something. He takes a magnifying glass out of his bag and looks at the bark of the tree. The camera moves through the magnifying glass, and we then see the slime mold cycle. The cycle ends. The camera zooms out from the magnifying glass and we see the boy smile. He then pulls out a notebook takes a few notes and then gets on his bike and rides out.

I quite like this idea and would be suitable for Primary School students. It can be quite colourful and friendly and would be very detailed. It may go over the 1 minute time length, however.

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