Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Life Drawing - 25/02/2015

In today's life drawing session we were back to a male model. We began with 3x 5 minute poses. They were fairly simple poses and so were quite straight forward. I was doing them in my line drawing style, but used a thicker pen for the outline. It created an interesting effect, which is why I continued with it in the other exercises. 

Our second exercise was 5x 2 minute poses, I think, it may have been three minutes. Anyway, the poses were a little more challenging, and so I struggled to draw the big red ball - hence it's egg shape in the top left. However, apart from the odd out of proportion section, they all work really well, and the use of only the bolder pen looks quite effective. 

The third exercise was the same as the previous, except they were 1 minute poses. I got them down really quickly and was surprised by the results. They are all quite accurate and the overall page composition works well.

The next task was a bit of a challenge. We were asked to collage. I decided not to go for the paper and PVA that was recommended and instead used pens, chalk and charcoal. I wanted to use yellow (Pens) and purple (chalk) to represent the light and dark areas, respectively, and it creates a unique effect, but is one that didn't work very well. I then, for some reason, used blue pens for the sheet that the model was on. It looks very rushed and not thought out, which is an obvious shame as I had imagined another style that could have been produced. I then used white chalk and charcoal to add light and dark areas, but I think this was an experiment that went wrong.

As I wasn't too pleased with this previous drawing, I went back to just line drawing and used the thicker and thinner pen. I really like this one as it is well detailed and accurate, despite the odd head shape.

3x 5 minute poses

5x 2 minute poses

5x 1 minute poses

20 minute pose

30 minute pose

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