Wednesday, 4 February 2015

From Script to Screen: OGR - 4th February 2015

Unfortunately, due to the length of time that has taken for me to reach my final story idea, I am way behind on work, especially the concept art and story board. As I have, however, now got my story idea, I can fully press forward and will try to get back on track.

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  1. OGR 05/02/2015

    Hi Dan,

    Yes, it has taken you a while to get to this stage, but story rules, and if you've learned one thing it's that stories are tricky. The idea is that your killer does away with the policeman at the beginning, right? It would be good then, in the reveal of all the winning veg, if we saw a policeman-shaped specimen too. The only issue I can see here is simply that it's very dialogue driven - and dialogue takes longer than you think to actually 'say' - thus pushing the running time. As you come to 'direct with a pencil', you'll need to exploit ways to economise on screen. If you need a few more seconds, and the story is working, so be it - but get it as immediate as possible and don't waste any screen time. I look forward to seeing your character designs etc. on here soon - but I suggest, as its for animation, adopt a really stylised approach - so don't be tempted to start drawing realistic bipeds etc. I think this level of stylisation would work very nicely in your world:

    My point is think in terms of characters as 'shapes' - as opposed to complex humans - I think this will also help when it comes to demonstrating how the manure is shaping the veg in the likeness of the bodies that made it. I'd like to see you exploring the tools in Sketchbook Pro, as opposed to drawing free-hand in the first instance, because I think this will encourage you to keep things simple and clean, as opposed to sketchy and complex. Onwards!