Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Life Drawing - 11/02/2015

In today's session as there were less people there, we allowed to be a little more free with what we wanted to do. We did start, however, with 5x 3 minute poses. I used my trusty felt tip pen and I am happy with the results. They are all accurately proportioned and detailed.

We then did our first of two 40 minute poses. We were again asked to try and include colour. As a change from pen, I used ink, and am happy with how it looks. It clearly shows where the light and dark areas are, and the ink worked really well with lines as it smudged them slightly, but not too much, which helped me to do the darker tones. 

As a change from the first 40 minute pose, I used more than one colour. I started with the blue of the sheets, then added the green over the blue and the body. I then added the red to the body, and I then continued to add more green, and red, to it. I am very happy with this one as the colours work really well together, and so create an interesting effect.

Overall, I am very happy with the work I produced today. Hopefully, this progression will continue. 

5x 3 minute poses

1st 40 minute pose

2nd 40 minute pose

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