Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Slime Mold

After a lot of thought about my initial ideas, I was thinking more about the slime mold idea that I had, in particular. Here is what I said below: 

A young boy scout is on his bike in a forest. He stops and looks at all his badges, he opens a book and we see that the only badge he has left to get is the Nature badge. He closes the book, looks round and goes to a tree, where he notices something. He takes a magnifying glass out of his bag and looks at the bark of the tree. The camera moves through the magnifying glass, and we then see the slime mold cycle. The cycle ends. The camera zooms out from the magnifying glass and we see the boy smile. He then pulls out a notebook takes a few notes and then gets on his bike and rides out.

This idea has a nice, cute narrative to it. It makes sense for the boy to be there and it can be very interesting and enjoyable for young children. I imagine a bright colourful forest/wood that is beaming with life and sounds of birds. As the sun's rays beam through the trees, as it sparkles on his magnifying glass. The development of the cycle progresses, as does the boy's excitement towards his own discovery.

This innocent young boy is amazed by the wonders that the world holds.

Feedback would obviously be appreciated. :)

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  1. Hi Dan...

    Okay - but how are you thinking of going about creating the boy and his bike? Not in CGI I hope? What are your thoughts on the practical side of your idea?

    Meanwhile, see link: