Monday, 23 February 2015

Photoshop Session: 23/02/2015

In the first photoshop session since last term, we were doing master studies. We started with 3 environments, then we did a portrait and we then finished with a different painting. 

I really like my environment studies as they are reasonably similar to the original, and although the colours may not match in places, the overall compositions are very close. I really like the first one as it works very well and the colours in the sky are very similar.

We started the portrait by doing it upside down first, before flipping it back to the original position. You can see from the pictures below how different they look. I was really liking how it was going when it was upside down, and then when I flipped it, it looked incredibly strange. It's weird how it can look goo one way and not as good the other, but I still look the colours that I used, despite it looking a tad odd.

We then finished with a whole new painting. We didn't have much time left, so my version isn't finished yet. However, I did manage to semi-complete the background, which I think looks quite similar.

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