Saturday, 14 February 2015

From Script to Screen: Character Design Thumbnails - Female Body Shapes

As the vegetable exercise was very useful when I was getting Simon Frost ideas, I wanted to continue with that technique, but this time I chose fruit. The reason for this is because it will demonstrate a difference between the male and female characters, some real female body types are named after fruit and, finally, because fruit tends to be smooth, it matches with the smoother anatomy of the female figure, rather than the bumpy/rough male anatomy. 

Unlike the vegetables shapes exercise, though, I did slightly design the them a bit more. They are somewhat based on Anna Stone's initial design, but not too much. The reason for this is because Anna is obviously an elderly woman, and so I needed to see what fruit shapes would work well with an older figure. I do, however, think that they all look fairly similar. With the round shapes of fruit, it's probably not clear what fruit they're supposed to show. 

I will continue to experiment with some of these in Autodesk sketchbook.

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