Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Life Drawing - 18/02/2015

In today's session, we were introduced to a new model. For the first exercise we did 6x 3 minute poses. It took me a while to get some of the proportions right, and some of my drawings are a bit strange in places. I think the reason for this is because the new model was a lot different to the other female model, and have got used to drawing her. Some of the drawings work quite well, but there are, as I have said, mistakes in places.

The second exercise was to do 3x 10 minute poses, and include colour, if we wished. I chose to go back to marker pens that I used a couple of weeks back, but I tried to use them a little different. I wanted to stick to the same colour for each figure, but using different shades. I quite like these drawings as the colours have created an interesting style.

The third, and final, exercise was a 45 minute pose. It was quite a complex pose, so I had to plan it out quite thoroughly. As I was planning it, it start to remind me of a diagram that you'd see on steps to draw a a person, so I worked with that idea and used my sketchy style to make it look more illustrative. I really like this one as it was a difficult pose, but I think I did it well.

 6x 3 minute poses

3x 10 minute poses

45 minute pose