Thursday, 12 February 2015

From Script to Screen: Character Design Thumbnails - Male Body Shapes

As certain characters in the story go on to be turned into vegetables *Spoilers*, I needed to make all the characters look like vegetables too. I started off the by drawing a series of different vegetable types in pencil (2nd Picture) and I then went over them in pen, and drew a person within the shape or similar to. I tried to make it them as similar to both the vegetable and style that the characters will be. I didn't include detail and just drew simple figures. This exercise has allowed me to see what vegetables work well and which don't. I think some of the more circular vegetables, e.g. the cabbage, onion etc. look quite familiar and so it isn't clear what they're based on. I do think that the skinnier vegetables, like the carrot, parsnip and even the radish, despite the circular torso, match the vegetables' shape well. 

I will continue with this method as it was very useful, as it showed me what vegetables work well. I will now use the same/more vegetables, but will instead draw faces within the shapes.

Vegetable Characters

Vegetable drawings

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