Thursday, 5 February 2015

From Script to Screen: Initial Character Designs

After my OGR feedback, I looked at the styles that Phil suggested. I really like the "Yum Yum" style. Yum Yum is a studio based in London that does character design, as well as making animation, stories etc. I really liked the simplicity of their work, and so think they are a suitable source of inspiration for my characters/story. As, quite rightly, my characters should be more designed as shapes, rather than complex beings, I will look into how to turn vegetables into people, instead of the other way round. Below are two quick sketches I did of Simon Frost and Anna Stone in my sketchbook. I looked at Yum Yum's work and tried to make them the characters that I described in the character bios. They aren't necessarily obscure shapes, which is something I will work on. I think my characters should all remind the audience of a certain vegetable, and so it would show consistency in the story, instead of having 3 characters who just so happen to look like a certain type. 

I will now move into Autodesk sketchbook and will look at how to make Simon and Anna resemble a certain vegetable, as well as design the minor characters in the story. Although, I do think the design of Simon looks a bit like Butternut Squash.

                           Simon Frost                                   Anna Stone                      

Yum Yum Character

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  1. make them simpler, Dan - go simpler still! Use the symmetry tool in Sketchbook Pro as a means to work in clean shapes in the first instance...