Sunday, 15 February 2015

From Script to Screen: Character Design - Anna Stone Colour tests

As I found the colour test exercise useful/helpful for Simon Frost, I wanted to continue using that exercise with Anna Stone and the colours in her design. She is a very gentle and kind character, with a dark side. Colours will be an obvious good way to demonstrate her personality, and so I think a lot of bright colours with a touch of darkness will be a suitable idea.

1 comment:

  1. I'm leaning towards liking No. 2 or No.3. 3's hair is just silver enough to be the "friendly" kind of old while still suggesting something a teensy bit sinister. But 4's light dress and dark wooly fleece are an interesting combination.

    No 5 for me is too dark to be cheerful (and it looks like she is either deeply Hispanic or has sunburn) while No. 1 looks too cheery to be sinister. But the dark side of her could be fairly hidden as a way to throw off the viewer; It's often a strong shock when a nice character turns out to have a dark streak. Although if not played correctly, "genuinely nice" can play off as "deceptively nice" and ruin the shock value.

    So personally I'd go with no. 2.