Monday, 2 February 2015

From Script to Screen: Influence Map + Thoughts about each components

I have decided to stick with my latest idea and have created this influence map to demonstrate how I imagine the characters, setting and props to be like.

Character Ideas: The story's main character, Simon Frost, is a middle aged man, but due to his life of farming, he hasn't aged too well and so has a slightly older appearance. He is a very high class individual and is well dressed. However, he has a very scruffy face and dirty hands. He isn't the most careful individual, although is a very intellectual.
 Our secondary character is a small elderly woman, who tends to be very nosy and likes to see what others are up to on the allotment. Despite her curiosity, she is a well spoken, friendly person and has previous in vegetable growing competitions. She is well dressed and very neat in her appearance.

Character Influences: For our main character, I have looked at Boycie from "The Green Green Grass", which is for those who don't know a spin-off of "Only Fools and Horses". He is very high class, and has a strange voice. With his smart clothes and personality, he can be a good source of inspiration for Simon Frost.
For the elderly woman an obvious, but suitable, influence is Mrs Marple. I think Geraldine McEwan's portrayal is a brilliant casting choice. She's small, innocent looking, but she is also very intelligent, and even somewhat witty. That type of the character would be very suitable for the story as it's almost a spoof of Murder mystery programs, and the reference/design choice would be very clear.

The Allotment: As this is the place where Simon has worked and lived for most of his life, it should demonstrate that. I have looked at images of old/deteriorating allotments and I think that would tell the appearance that something is wrong with our main character, as why would someone want to live there? I do think I good idea would be to have the allotment very busy and full of people work at the earliest opportunity in the story, and then at the latest point possible, have it deserted. This will demonstrate the strange goings on at the allotment.

Weird Shaped Vegetables: As the story will consist of vegetables shaped like the people that they were grown from, I looked at some existing vegetables that have human like attributes. Some are very obvious, but some are very strange, some of which look very "erotic, if that's the best way to describe them. These vegetables have showed me how I can create these "Vegetable Caricatures".

Photo-booth: For the story, the photo-booth will now be a major component and will be alluded to by the number of photo strips that Simon has of himself and his winning vegetables. The photo-booth is a place he goes to celebrate his victories, and that demonstrates his strange personality.

Wheelbarrow: Simon uses the same wheelbarrow everyday and has done for many years, this is demonstrates by the squeak of the wheel and rust around the handles. As I want to demonstrate the mystery further, Green could be the main colour with red handles. Green and red will subtly show that there is something wrong with the allotment and Simon, but that needs more thought.

I believe 2D is my strongest suit, so I need to develop an interesting style that combines both the mystery and comedy that the story possesses.

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